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    I was born and raised  in Lakeland and for as long as I can remember... I've always enjoyed working out and staying healthy.  Fitness has been a part of my life.  

    I love working out with weights, running and don’t ask me why, but I really love doing pull-ups. I can still remember being able to do 12 pull-ups in my elementary PE class. 

    When my brothers and I were younger we also use to run races for various fund-raising events and we played city league football. We were always pretty competitive.

    My older brother Christopher...started working out with weights and a solar flex machine in our garage when he was in middle school. My twin brother Kyle and I thought we would try working out with weights too. Our dad trained all three of us...and it became a passion for our family!   By middle school I held the record for the most pull-ups, which at that time was about 28.

    And then our family suffered a fatal blow - A terrible tragedy that inspired me to continue working harder to become stronger. A find a release from the pain. And a chance to discover a purpose in what I was doing.  My best friend, my identical twin brother Kyle, suddenly passed away on November 4, 2007 at the very young age of 19.  His short life has motivated me to do something good with my life.  Kyle always loved sports...and I want to keep doing some of the workout routines we did together. He was, and still is, my inspiration.

    After his death I realized that life can be short and we all only get one chance to get it right. I truly believe we should live life doing something we love to do...and my strong Christian faith seems to be guiding me to do just that!

    In 2011 I discovered street workouts. I had been browsing online workout videos when I came across one by Dennis Minin.  Minin could do these insane workouts on pull-up bars using only his body weight. I decided to give it a try.  I went to the gym the next day and I worked on a few of his moves. A personal trainer at the gym was watching me as I struggled to get the moves just right. It wasn't easy.

    The trainer approached me and began to tell me about this whole bar workout community.  There are different teams across the country. These guys and girls can do crazy moves with their bodies. I was hooked right away. I went home and did my research and found some great YouTube videos demonstrating the bar workouts.

    One of those videos actually had instructions for building the workout bars so I watched it and then I built my own pull-up bars in my back yard. The workouts became second nature to me. I felt like it was something I was meant to do! 

    Calisthenics  bar workouts have changed my life and the sport has shown me that I can do anything I want to do with practice, dedication.....and inspiration!

    Over the last few years... I began posting my workouts on Facebook and YouTube, which then led to the production of my own instructional videos. My Facebook site is called Corey Hall Fitness. It describes and shows my Facebook followers how to perform certain moves, how to perfect those moves and what workouts seem to work better at toning and building muscle tone for me. You can also Follow me on Twitter @CoreyHallFit.

    I also upload plans for workout routines for others to follow and I try to motivate people to be consistent with their exercise routines. I also take them along on my fitness journey... so that they can see what is possible to accomplish with hard work.

    My real goal is to not only grow physically, but also mentally. Through Corey Hall Fitness I hope to help others and inspire everyone to find their inner and outer strength!